Current Events

Dalfort is a four hundred year old city.. of over a million people in a  port that is served by a goddes of sex, that actually gives you the freedom to enslave yourself if that is what you want.. and also has at least two other sex related goddesses in the city. It is also a port city and a cross roads.. so as such cities tend to be .. it is very very tolerant also of different beliefs as long as you don't trample others rights.. it is VERY VERY libertarian. And you can buy almost anything you can think of. It is also  populated bu a free people with a free economy ..  so you get all sorts of niche clubs I mean the den is great but it can't be everything to everyone. What all this is leading up to is that as long as it's not illegal ( even if it is illegal but that has issues of its own like the very good police force of the city ) you can probably find it in the city.


The events that have rocked Dalfort lately have literally been world changing. The Divine Wind and their campaign to slay all the gods and therefore put an end to the seemingly unstoppable cycle of god's wars that devastate the world every few millennia. They had developed several new methods and magic's to enable them to slay gods and they had been very successful.. but success leads to arrogance. And Arrogance led to them overreaching. they tried to kill, did kill, three goddesses at once and at the height of their success .. The goddesses Death Strikes. Their retributive rage combined to turn those very powerful magics upon the Divine Wind themselves. The huge portals which had so devastated their enemies when they dropped their navy and army with no warning on their enemies. Enabling them to mount devastating surprise attacks with no chance for a warning. Often catching armies in their beds and slaughtering them. They were a cruel conquering often slaughtering a god or goddesses followers to make their god's cry using the magical god'/goddess tears against them to slay them.. They justified their own actions by saying that they killed thousands to save millions.. Perhaps they are even right or were.. but they are no longer a threat or a movement.

Instead they are gone scattered to the winds, by the divine. and the people they had conquered destroyed them with a hateful vengeance. Their entire navy had been dropped into the harbor in disarray.

And while Dalfort's defenders were surprised as well, they were less surprised or perhaps better to say their superior training allowed them to get through their surprise much quicker. if you had ever served under Admiral Hargraves you would understand.. there is a reason the entire navy calls him The Admiral.

The enemy ships came in penny packets. their coherence shattered, their formations in total disarray. their chance at surviving further shattered that they had no command each ship fighting in isolation and without support. They Divine winds huge navy was destroyed or captured within two hours. Dalfort celebrated but they also wondered especially at higher levels of government what this would portend.

What they portended was the opening of gates hundreds of permanent gates to other places other worlds perhaps no one is really sure.. now there are places to explore .. perhaps a new world just down the street.