With a father who frequently pissed away his meager

earnings at the local tavern, it was Faelynn's responsibility to keep herself fed and clothed. It didn't take her long to realize, that the easiest way to make sure she had what she needed, was to take it from someone else. At first, her attempts at thieving often ended in her getting caught. The brutal beatings that followed served as valuable life lessons in how to be a better thief. By the age of ten, she had perfected her skill well enough to lift coin from most unsuspecting victims without ever being noticed.

As the years passed, she realized there was money to be made in gambling as well... as long as she didn't lose. A set of weighted dice ensured victory at the end of the day, and it wasn't long before she managed to gather a small fortune for herself--or what she considered to be a fortune, anyhow. It was enough, at least, to get her out of her pitiful village and into a city with even fatter purses.

There she managed to fall in with the biggest thieve's guild in the city, one that taught her there was more to thieving than stealing a purse off someone's belt. Gems and stones were the name of the game, and she was taught to spot the difference between real and fake even at a distance. When she finally made it out of the initiate phase and reached a true membership status within the guild, she was given a pair of shiny new daggers, blades she was taught to use with a swift and deadly efficiency.

It was on her second real job that she was trusted with the task of collecting a precious stone for a client who boasted a hefty payday. She was supposed to sneak into some old man's house and take the stone--which sounded simple enough. He wasn't even home when she climbed in through the window, and the stone was almost too easy to spot there by itself. The moment she curled her fingers around the black stone, a brilliant blue flash of light filled her vision. In a panic, she tried to release the stone, only to find that she was unable to do so.

A split second later, the light was gone. Suddenly she wasn't in some old man's house anymore. Instead, she was standing dead center of a busy street, in a city she didn't recognize.

Her very first words spoken in Dalfort were, "What the f*ck..."