Dalfort Edit

The City itself is nestled inside of a Huge Caldera that has one side blown out in what must have been a titanic explosion in some by gone era. The Crater itself is almost thirty miles in diameter and the peaks circling it are over two miles high and always covered with a healthy snowpack. These lead to three rivers down the inside of the crater.. which will be discussed more later

The crater is terraced from Sea level up. There are actually a hundred and three terraces and then the upper plain. . The terraces reach from sea levels Dock Street, to the Winter terrace which is over a mile high. They climb the inside of the crater in broad uneven steps, the highest terrace almost seventy feet high, the shortest only fifteen. Mechanical and magical trams and semi flying carpets shuttle people up the terraces quickly and easily, for a fee of course.

The city is bisected into four sectors by the three rivers. The rivers fall and cascade; there are several terraces that host rather large lakes and there are wide swathes of greenbelt throughout the city.

The buildings are made of native stone for the most part but in a graceful style of architecture that reflects a root in a tropical climate but a strange mixture as you get seasons the higher you climb up the side of the crater. The style can best be described at the harbor level as High Itallian Rennissance, to an almost Gothic Renniissance Alpine style on the upper terraces. where snow regularly fell in the winter.

THe urban part of the city is concentrated in the center between the outer two rivers and bisected by the other.. the market.. the banking and shops and on the upper terraces the temple district is located here.

Demon's Den Edit

A large establishment, popular for socializing on the island, containing a large restaurant and bar, bathhouse and numerous other facilities including a casino and fighting pits.

Temple District Edit

About 3/4 the way up the crater walls of the city the Temple District consists of two terraces. Here all the temples to the numerous gods are located along with homes for the preists and priestess who don't actually live in their temples.