Name: Nolan Raines

Gender: Male

Occupation: Thskaran Mage

Nolan Hellhound

Nolan Raines is a white haired human appearing man. He wears either robes or tunic and breeches of blacks and grays. He is a Thskaran Battle Mage. Around his wrists are strange bangles of white lightning for which the use of is wildly unknown. Upon coming to Dalfort he was a mere Battle Mage but with the aid of the high priestess Xaria his shifter blood was brought back to the surface. He is often seen out on the beaches with strange metal rods just before a storm. It is in this manner he creates his magical crystals with a variety of uses.

Months after getting settled into Dalfort he created a portal to a pocket dimension he used for training and experimentation. He however overlooked one small thing and his dimension was in between the city of Dalfort and the Demonic realm of Glenda.

While he was saved from the perils of a fighting a Balrog by Xaria and other priestesses he was infected by the balrogs power who was a lieutenant of Glenda. He conquered the taint with the aid of Jackor and Xaria and his power grew again.

The power was personified into a staff and as he lay fighting the taint in his sleep he suddenly awoke to find it in his hands despite the wardings of Kalabrun.

A portal opened to the shadow realmand the staff shattered and became one with Nolan. The Balrogs power had combined with his shifter blood and made him into what we know today. The protector of Dalfort.

Nolan Raines. Battle Mage of Lightning and Shadow. Hellhound. The protector of his home.