Tarea econd choice

Silly Man, Are you still here? The smart ones are running by now.


The Knights of Charvor Creed

WE are the Knights of Charvor.

We are the sword that strikes out against Injustice and Intolerance.

We are the Shield that protects those unable to protect themselves

We are the armor that preserves the rights bestowed upon us by the gods.

We Fight for what we love behind us, and do not hate what is in front of us.

We ARE the Knights of Charvor

Ilike it

Terri taking measure


Five foot one inch. She's not dangerous at all.

They Are Tara Jenna Terri Gabriel and Talbot

Tara- The raven-haired beauty started out in the navy she joined t fifteen spent two years at the academy then did her midshipwoman's cruise on then Commander Dalton's ship he was the XO on a large ship of the line The IMS Terrible

Terri is of mixed descent but a native of the province of Geralto, on the mainland. she has developed her skills with her magic to aid her ability's with the new guns

Jenna is a little five foot one bundle of lithe ferocity. she uses her hands feet body and daggers to slice kick and flip her way through her enemies.


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